In Memorial to The ‘Iron Lady’

“I fight on. I fight to win.” – Margaret Thatcher

Margaret_ThatcherI chose this quote today because of the power and the conviction that it takes to make such a statement and to commemorate the life of the powerful former prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher. After researching it a bit, I realized that it was said at a very sad point for her. Margaret Thatcher had just gone through an inconclusive first ballot for in 1990 during the leadership election and she was not giving up. Unfortunately, she ended up loosing that election.

While I do not intend to be political in any way, there is no one that can deny Margaret Thatcher her place in history. Those are the reasons I chose to quote her today after her life ended early this morning.

Lesson: This quote is simple enough. It shows that you should always have faith in yourself and push forward; no matter what the outcome.


Why do what’s not fun?

“That’s why I’m a maker. This is fun for me.” – Adam Savage

The other day I happened upon a web series called One Day Builds. It is sort of a nerd’s ‘This Old House’ (which I also enjoy) and in the episode I watched, Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) was building a showpiece and/or utility case for his Blade Runner replica gun. I had known Adam Savage was an avid builder, outside of his career, because of a TED talk I had watched and was interested in how he was going to put it all together.

While watching it, I had noticed just how much he was enjoying figuring out what he was going to do next. And then he said it… he summed it all up with the quote above.

Lesson: Become obsessed and do what you love. It will become what you’re good at and it won’t matter if it’s your job or not. There are a million ways to say that and if you don’t learn it early, it will take you a lifetime to teach yourself over what has taken its place.

I have also included an image with another quote from Adam Savage where I think it sums up what it takes to learn anything from the quote above.

“I have concluded through careful empirical analysis and much thought that somebody is looking out for me, keeping track of what I think about things, forgiving me when I do less than I ought. Giving me strength to shoot for more than I think I’m capable of. I believe they know everything that I do and think, and they still love me, and I’ve concluded, after careful consideration, that this person keeping score, is me.” – Adam Savage

Knowing this self-reliance makes knowing what you like to do possible.

What’s in the box?

Today’s little lesson comes from the writer, producer, director (etc.)  JJ Abrams from ‘Alias, ‘Lost’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Cloverfield’ and a host of other TV Shows and Movies that you probably love. The quote is from a TED talk that he made and that you can watch here on YouTube: JJ Abrams: the mystery box where he talks about story making and innovation and building something and his realization that “…we could do anything” when filming the pilot for Lost.  The talk is great and I highly recommend watching the whole thing, but if you don’t, pay attention to the quote below.

“Mystery is the catalyst for imagination…mystery is more important than knowledge.” – JJ Abrams

I wrote this quote down without really thinking about it, to be honest I just thought it was cool. It has been sitting in my draft folder for a few weeks now and I keep coming back to it to think about it more. The part that I had been focused on was the first “Mystery is the catalyst for imagination,” because I envy imagination and try to refresh mine as much as possible. But what I had been missing was the second part of the quote from JJ Abrams where he says, “…mystery is more important than knowledge.” And I beg you to watch the full video for his explanation of it all, but here is my interpretation of the lesson behind these words.

Lesson: The lesson derived isn’t that you can build a good story with mystery or that you can imagine anything, the lesson I gathered from JJ Abrams that I’d like to pass on is that when you have mystery, you are provoked to search for understanding. The mystery makes you seek out new possibilities or answers for something you don’t understand fully yet.

Who better to teach a child than Disney himself?

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” –Walt Disney

disneyAbove is one of many quotes I expect to post from Walt Disney. Or if not from the man in particular, at least from any of the Disney movies that I have grown up on and expect to share.

Lesson: This lesson is twofold, but they split into two separate directions. The first, is boredom (again). Simply stated, there is always something to do. The second, is learning. To me, staying curious means always learning something new or pursuing something novel.

The moment will pass, the memory won’t.

“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars… Glory, last forever.” – Shane Falco (The Replacements)

Even though this may not be completely relevant (at this point in time) to my daughter. The beginning and end of this quote says a lot. It comes from the football movie ‘The Replacements’ starring Keanu Reeves as a former college quarterback who gets a second chance to come back from failure. SPOILER ALERT- This quote is in the final game of the film after the replacement players find out that the regular players are coming back from strike the next day. There is no future for them as football players and they are already down in the score.

Lesson: The glaring lesson is that even though it hurts and even though you’re down and out, if you can succeed, it will stick with you. There is always room for that last push because once the moments over, it’s over; but it will always have happened.

shane falco

*I placed the Tough Mudder picture in there because I just signed up for one this week and I’m getting myself pumped up for it.