In Memorial to The ‘Iron Lady’

“I fight on. I fight to win.” – Margaret Thatcher

Margaret_ThatcherI chose this quote today because of the power and the conviction that it takes to make such a statement and to commemorate the life of the powerful former prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher. After researching it a bit, I realized that it was said at a very sad point for her. Margaret Thatcher had just gone through an inconclusive first ballot for in 1990 during the leadership election and she was not giving up. Unfortunately, she ended up loosing that election.

While I do not intend to be political in any way, there is no one that can deny Margaret Thatcher her place in history. Those are the reasons I chose to quote her today after her life ended early this morning.

Lesson: This quote is simple enough. It shows that you should always have faith in yourself and push forward; no matter what the outcome.

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I had to include something from the late Roger Ebert. He has a large assortment, and I am sure I will reference him again. Unfortunately, I am also going to be seeking wisdom from the life of the late Margaret Thatcher who passed earlier this morning.