Once upon a time…

…a child was growing inside a mother’s womb and anxiety was growing inside a father’s gut.

Having never been a dad, I began absorbing knowledge, filtering through quotes and looking for any nugget of inspiration that I could find. Like most new dads, I was looking to become a better man for my family. I had always imagined that having a child would kick start me to begin the next phase of my life, what I discovered was that nothing just happens. So I learned everything I could and kept moving.

What came from my self-appointed quest for knowledge was that I had now begun to see all of these tidbits that I wanted to share with my new daughter. Being a new dad was exciting and I loved sharing every bit of inspiration or words of wisdom with my bride, family or any stranger that would listen, but I had really wanted to share them with my new daughter, Fiona.

The first thing you will learn about newborns is that they are terrible readers, and even worse listeners. So my attempts at sitting her in front of a book or screaming words of motivation into her face were met with looks of confusion and I’m pretty sure malicious pooping.

While I continued to filter through books videos and websites (even Pinterest), I was unsure of how I could collect these segments to make sure she reads them when they are relevant to her and she has the attention span longer than a cocker spaniel.

That’s where we begin; a fathers attempt at bettering himself and his child.

What you can expect is one-liners, videos, articles and musings collected by a dumb dad and originating from people a lot smarter than me. I will provide context, maybe my own insight and even some timing on when I want to pass it on.

For the most part I don’t know when my daughter will need any of this info, but it is here for her when she does; creating our own, happily ever after.

What do you think?

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