Why do what’s not fun?

“That’s why I’m a maker. This is fun for me.” – Adam Savage

The other day I happened upon a web series called One Day Builds. It is sort of a nerd’s ‘This Old House’ (which I also enjoy) and in the episode I watched, Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) was building a showpiece and/or utility case for his Blade Runner replica gun. I had known Adam Savage was an avid builder, outside of his career, because of a TED talk I had watched and was interested in how he was going to put it all together.

While watching it, I had noticed just how much he was enjoying figuring out what he was going to do next. And then he said it… he summed it all up with the quote above.

Lesson: Become obsessed and do what you love. It will become what you’re good at and it won’t matter if it’s your job or not. There are a million ways to say that and if you don’t learn it early, it will take you a lifetime to teach yourself over what has taken its place.

I have also included an image with another quote from Adam Savage where I think it sums up what it takes to learn anything from the quote above.

“I have concluded through careful empirical analysis and much thought that somebody is looking out for me, keeping track of what I think about things, forgiving me when I do less than I ought. Giving me strength to shoot for more than I think I’m capable of. I believe they know everything that I do and think, and they still love me, and I’ve concluded, after careful consideration, that this person keeping score, is me.” – Adam Savage

Knowing this self-reliance makes knowing what you like to do possible.

What do you think?

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