John Cleese on Creativity

Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.

When I say a way of operating, what I mean is this; creativity is not an ability that you either have or do not have. It is, for example; and this may surprise you, absolutely not related to IQ… those regarded by their peers as most creative were in no way, whatsoever, different in IQ from their less creative colleagues… The most creative had simply acquired a facility for getting themselves into a particular mood… an ability to play.

-John Cleese


I first saw this video on Brainpickings and I encourage you to go there and read more about it.

John Cleese, if you didn’t know already is an English actor, comedian, writer and film producer. If you haven’t heard of him, you have not been paying attention to comedy for the last for the last 40 or so years (since Monty Python’s Flying Circus first aired). His discussion of Creativity is riddled with great quotes (many of which Maria Popova had pulled out for you), but it is worth your time to watch this and learn simply, how to be more creative. Not specifically what you should think about, etc; but under what conditions can help.

Lesson: This entire video is a lesson in becoming more creative. It does not explain how to be more humorous, or how to write comedy better or how to make better art… it is simply an explanation of how you to become more creative in everyday life.

Get out of this idea that creativity needs to lead to something delivered… it could simply lead to something new.

What do you think?

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